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Cross Timbers Trail Lake Texoma Elevation 2All girl backpacking trip last week so this week I took Seth and Arya on a solo trip.  We had planned on a two day trip beginning and ending at Cedar Bayou but it looked like rain and I want the kids to enjoy the hikes and not find them miserable so we stopped early.  We did lots of very steep ups and downs.  Garmin Basecamp program says we went up a total of 2,592 feet if you add all the uphills together.  It also says we did 2.4 mph when we were actually moving and not taking breaks, pictures, or breathers at the tops of the hills.  I’m thinking we averaged around 2 mph.



Type — dirt trail
Duration: 6 hours 52 minutes spread out over two days and one night
Distance: 9.6 miles on day one & 6.7 miles on day two
Avg. Speed:  2.4 mph
Temperature: 46 to 61 degrees
Arya Pack Weight: 11.8 pnds
Progress to Pack Dog Advance Certification: 0 miles to go
Progress to Pack Dog Excellent Certification: 100 miles to go



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Cedar Bayou Marina charges $5 a night to park your car and they have a small shop with a couple of snacks and some drinks.  We started here because if it rained then I was nervous about having to walk back along the washed out, narrow trails on the East Cross Timbers Trail between Juniper Point & Cedar Bayou Marina.  So, the pictures start after we have already hiked 2.6 miles over to Juniper Point.  At the bottom is a mileage chart where I show the mileage from Juniper Point.

We started at 9:44 am and hiked towards Juniper Point (East of Marina).  The trip was 2.6 miles.  Then we took a quick break for water and snacks.



11:02 am — 2.6 miles — Juniper Point

Arya had a little water and some peanut butter and then she was ready to play again.




136362548033511:51 am — 4 miles

We stopped again at Beach Camp and spent some time picking up trash (glass bottles, beer cans, food, plastic) and pushing their campfire logs over to the water to put them out because they were still burning.  Luckily they had left their ice chest as well so we loaded all the trash into it and carried it back to the dumpster.  It was hard walking with all that in my hands.



20130318 Cross Timbers Trail Tree Climbing4:13 pm — 8.5 miles

I just have to close my eyes when he does stuff like this.  You can barely see him in the top of the tree.  It is at least 20 feet to the ground and another 50 feet off the backside of this hill which drops off to the lake.






13636433482224:48 pm — 9.3 miles

Both of their tongues are hanging out!  These constant hills are beginning to wear them out.  Just a little bit further and we’ll be out of the Lost Loop.





20130318 Cross Timbers Trail Tree Five Mile Camp Boulders

5:00 pm — 9.6 Miles — Five Mile Camp??

I think we are at Five Mile Camp.  We are five miles from Juniper Point if we had not made so many side trips.

I had hoped to camp much further down the trail but this is a very nice camp.  I like the boulders we scrambled down to get water from the lake.  There is a spring and the water is seeping out from under the rocks and across the sand.



20130318 Cross Timbers Trail Tree Five Mile Fire COMPRESSED


20130318 Cross Timbers Trail Tree Five Mile Fire Face COMPRESSED

Seth started this campfire using his Fire Steel.  He was a mess by the time he finished  blowing the spark into a flame and then into a campfire.  It made a big difference in our moods to sit in front of the fire, visit, and get warm before bedtime.



Arya tried to paw her way into our tent a couple of times but then she settled down and went to sleep somewhere around camp (she was on a 26′ leash).  She let us sleep all night and when my alarm went off this morning she was curled up against the tent leaning against Seth...who said she was very nice and warm.



20130318 Cross Timbers Trail Sunrise Camp


7.1 miles from Cedar Point is a camp facing East.  This is where I’d like to camp next time.  It would be nice to have the camp bathed in the early morning light.




20130318 Cross Timbers Trail Nice House8:16 am — 10.3 Miles — 610 Elevation

Wow, what a climb and we aren’t to the top yet.  This is such a beautiful place for a house.




20130318 Cross Timbers Trail Morning Munchies8:36 am — 10.7 miles — 640 Elevation

Stop for an energy snack break.  We left camp at 7:43 am without eating so we could warm up a bit first.  I think its about time to stop because they are starting to look tired.




20130318 Cross Timbers Trail Breakfast View8:57 am — 11.3 miles — 614 Elevation

We passed a better campsite but decided to eat here at Eagles Roost for the view.  Bad idea, the wind started right after we got our packs off and soon we were cold again which defeated the purpose of hiking before breakfast.

There is a steep trail leading down to the lake but we decided against going down for water.

20130318 Cross Timbers Trail Breakfast Eaten


10:07 am — Breakfast Over

Life seems a little better with hot chocolate & scrambled eggs with sausage in our bellies.  We poured the juice left over from rehydrating the eggs on top of Arya’s kibble and she gobbled it right up.



20130318 Cross Timbers Trail Along the Trail10:18 am — 11.7 miles — 620 Elevation

Downhill is welcome.  Trail is very varied as we wander through solid rock paths, dirt paths, soft humus paths, and trails hidden by fallen oak leaves.

Seth taught me a couple of songs when we were walking the easier trails.





20130318 Cross Timbers Trail Done12:52 pm — 16.3 miles — Rock Creek Marina

I’m certain that if we had taken an hour nap and had a good lunch that we could have easily made it back to the Lost Loop Campsite and completed this trip...but I want the kids to enjoy the hikes and Seth was discouraged about hiking back along the same path we had already finished.  So, I left him and Arya here and hitched a ride back to our car.  It was still a good hike and we got our minimum 5 miles each day.

Now it gets more difficult because she has to carry more weight and we have to do 10 miles at a time.


Mileage Charts (Go to EveryTrail Site for map locations)

From Start From Juniper Point From Cedar Point Marina
Cedar Bayou Resort 9:44 0
Juniper Point TH 11:02 2.6 0 2.6
Break Over 11:15 2.6 0 2.6
Lower Trail 11:18 2.8 0.2 2.4
Lower Trail 11:22 2.9 0.3 2.3
First Camp 11:37 3.3 0.7 1.9
Beach Camp 11:51 4 1.4 1.2
Avoid washed Out Trail 12:33 4.6 2 0.6
Lunch 13:04 5.2 2.6 0
Lunch Over 13:57 5.2 2.6 0
West Trail 14:05 5.7 3.1 0.5
Juniper or Lost Loop Trail 14:10 5.8 3.2 0.6
3 way path 14:23 6.2 3.6 1
East Camp on Cedar Bayou 14:30 6.4 3.8 1.2
High, Inland Camp 14:47 6.8 4.2 1.6
Lost Loop East 15:07 6.9 4.3 1.7
Lost Trail 1st Camp 15:16 7.3 4.7 2.1
Lost Trail 2nd Camp 15:24 7.4 4.8 2.2
Lost Trail 3rd Camp 15:44 8 5.4 2.8
Lost Trail 4th Camp 16:11 8.5 5.9 3.3
Lost Trail 5th Camp 16:30 8.8 6.2 3.6
Lost Loop West 16:50 9.3 6.7 4.1
Total Lost Loop Distance 2.4 mile loop
5 Mile Camp 16:59 9.6 4.6 2
2nd Day 7:43
View Mansion 8:16 10.3 5.3 2.7
Trail to un-named bay campsite 10.4 5.4 2.8
Eagles Roost Turn-off 8:50 11 5.8 3.2
Monument 10:38 12.1 6.3 3.7
Monument Trail Campsite 10:55 .7 miles to end
Trees growing on red cliff face 12:23 15.3 7.7 5.1
Campsite overlooking Rock Creek Marina 12:39 15.9 8.3 5.7
Rock Creek Marina East TH 12:44 16.3 8.7 6.1
Rock Creek Marina 12:28 16.3 8.7 6.1



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2 Responses to Cross Timbers Hiking Trail Lake Texoma 16.3 Miles Overnight

  1. J. Roberts says:

    Great informative post...I’m getting ready to make this hike and camp this weekend. I’m curious on your thoughts about a campsite. I was planning on camping at 5 Mile Camp, but your picture (7.1 from Cedar Point) looks like a cool site. Which do you recommend? Thanks!

    • Tiffany says:

      We are going to hike at “sunrise camp” next time we go. It has a bit of a slant but I don’t think enough to matter. The ground seemed a bit softer. We didn’t actually walk down to the water (not sure why?) to make sure the access was easy but I think it was easy to get to.

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